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Splash Social Marketing

Splash Social Marketing

Internet Marketing

When should you do Facebook or LinkedIn Ads? When should you do Google AdWords? How about Google Posts? What is the value proposition of each? How much should you spend? How do you analyze the results? What is the narrow market; what is branding; and how do I know when to use each?


Tom has been doing internet marketing since 1999. He has worked with large companies and small, in various industries, across the US. He has been working in social marketing since it’s conception. If you want to understand how internet marketing can work for your business, Tom is the person to ask!


Call us to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION and learn how internet marketing can enhance your overall marketing efforts.

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Internet Marketing
Web Sites

Do you know if your website is working for your business or against your business? Are potential customers finding your website? Are they staying to read your carefully crafted content or are they bouncing right off? Do potential customers fill out your lead generation forms? Do they call? Do you have a mobile site and is it optimized?


Splash Social Marketing can audit your website to help you answer all of these questions and more. Maybe you just need some minor tweaks to have your website perform at its best or maybe it’s time for a complete update and to create an entirely new website.


Splash Social Marketing designs websites which empower you, the business owner. First, we make sure you hold the keys to everything … such as the url and actual website. All accounts are created in your name and you grant us access to do the work we need to do. This means you pay for for everything directly and we DO NOT upsell. We DO NOT charge a monthly fee for hosting. Second, included in the price of our website is a one hour training for you. We believe you should have a basic understanding of how your site functions and be able to make updates and changes as needed/wanted. Of course if you don’t want to make changes, we will be happy to make them upon request. As stated above with hosting, we DO NOT charge monthly maintenance fees, but charge on an as needed basis. And no, this does not mean we charge higher fees for one time services.


If you know you need a new website, call us. If you’re not sure if you need a new website, call us. Let’s talk and have a look at your current website and together we will determine your best steps forward.

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Social Network Marketing
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Social Network Marketing

Ask most business owners what the best form of advertising is and you will likely hear, Word of Mouth. Of course it is! We put trust in the people we have welcomed into our lives. If they say a business offers a great product/service with excellent customer service, we believe them and will look to use that business when we have the need. The question business owners need to answer is, how do I harness the power of word of mouth advertising?


Gone are the days of waiting for your business to organically come up in face to face or phone to phone conversation. Now we have the internet and all the wonderful social networks people are constantly talking on! Here is your opportunity to harness that tremendous power of word of mouth advertising.


Exactly how should YOUR business use social network marketing? There’s no one size fits all answer. The strategy for a brick and mortar business will differ from from an online business. A B2C will differ from a B2B. There will be differences based upon industry, location, target market. Those are some of the challenges. The solution? Hire experts who have decades of experience formulating and implementing successful strategies for businesses both large and small, in varied industries, with vastly different target markets.


If you’d like to learn what such experts can do for YOU, simply call us and schedule a FREE consultation. You will learn a bit more about us and digital/content marketing.

We will learn about your business, help identify needs/goals and determine if we are a good fit to work with your business.

Online Reputation Managemen
Online Reputation Management

People are talking about you and your business online. Whether you see it or not, whether it’s good talk or bad talk, it’s happening. This is a good thing! You want people talking about you, but it’s imperative that you manage it.


It’s great when people say all kinds of wonderful things about your products, your service, your staff. Make sure it’s heard not on one social network, but splash it out everywhere.


Uh-oh. Has someone said something that might make customers turn away from your business? Well, it’s a good thing you are aware and can take control! Let’s use this as an opportunity to shine and showcase your great customer service skills.


Want to know a not well kept secret? The search engines (you know, Google, Bing …) they don’t care what people say, they just care that people say something and that the business replies.


Every business should have a clear online reputation management strategy in place with a clear understanding of who is actually managing and employing said strategy.


Do need an Online Marketing Strategy for your business? Give us a call and we can create one. Better yet, we can manage your online reputation for you each day.

Content Marketing
Notepad on Desk

What information should your business post on the social networks, when should it be posted, how do you know if the content is good …..?


There are so many questions about content marketing. Who is your target market, are you reaching them, and does your content engage them? What does engagement mean in marketing terms? Does your content meet all the expectations of the search engines and if not, how is your business being affected? Do you have content that is educational? Are you being too salesy? Are you promoting enough? Are you building a reputation as an expert in your field?


Content marketing refers to all the content your business creates and posts on the social networks in addition to a big one …. Blogging. Why is blogging a big one? Because it provides an excellent opportunity help you/your business shine as the premier experts in your industry AND because Google says it’s a big one. The search engines give a lot of weight to blogs when using their algorithms to determine where to show your business in search results.


As with anything in marketing, there are different blogging strategies depending upon your business, industry, target market, goals. How do you determine the best strategy? You guessed it, hire experts. Call us to help determine the needs/goals of a blog for your business. We can create a strategy for you to employ or we can write the blog for you.


Are you a proud do-it-yourselfer? Are you hesitant to relinquish control of your social networks? Will your current social marketing efforts be enhanced by staff involvement?


There are many scenarios where your business could benefit from the training provided by Splash Social Marketing. Our training can be done one on one, in groups, in person, or online. We custom tailor each training session to best fit the needs of your business.


How do you know what will be best for your business? Call us and let’s talk. We can help determine your needs and goals as well as which training format will best suit your business.

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Social Media Set Up
Social Media Set Up
Creative Work

How many social networks are there and does you business need to be set up and active on all of them? How do you know which social networks your business should engage? Once you decide which social networks to use, are you sure your business is properly set up?


We get calls on a regular basis from business owners who had their social network pages set up by an employee (or worse yet, a paid professional) and now the business owner does NOT have access to the page. The page may have been set up correctly, but the time has come to make some changes or, more often, the page was set up incorrectly and changes NEED to be made now.


Not only will we set up your social pages correctly and train you on their value proposition and best practices, but we make sure you have the keys to each and every page so you are not reliant upon us. After all, it’s not our business, it’s yours! Would you give us keys to the front door? No? Well then, you shouldn’t give out keys to your social pages either.


Let’s talk about your business and determine which social networks are best for your business. We can set up your pages and leave you to the management, or we can create a strategy for

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